Day 4
for her devotional series
"He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light."
– Job 12:22, NIV

A lot of what we’ve talked about this week can be wrapped up in the word justice. You may be feeling angry about what you’ve read about this week: the terrible injustices that girls around the world face every single day.

I ask you, please channel what you’re feeling through the Word of God and his heart. Righteous anger must be channeled through love. Humble yourself and ask God to fill your heart and mind with his views and his heart on justice, not just your opinions. God tells us that fairness, equality and vengeance belong to him; that is because God sees all things. The things we miss. The things we don’t understand. He’s not surprised by anything. His heart, unlike ours, is pure.

I understand the anger you may be feeling. We get angry when we see girls being hurt and the vulnerable being stepped on and misused. Each girl whose story we’ve heard was created in the image of God. She deserves to be loved and free and to be made whole.

We have to get angry to say enough is enough – but we must say that on our knees, sister. We must work together to build an army that will reach down and pull people up. Together we can do that, but it’s going to take all of us to fight that fight and bring forth justice God’s way.

That’s what Noelle* did. Her story is another one I want to share with you this week. As a young girl in Brazil, she was raised in a home filled with drugs, violence and abuse. Unspeakable things happened to her. Things that will make you angry. But, please, watch her story until the end. Watch until the moment a Compassion worker hugs her and says, “Everything is going to be all right.” Not because what happened to Noelle was fair. But because people came into her life to fight for her and give her a place of healing.

That is real justice. A girl who is received with open arms by those who are willing to fight for her dignity.

Here's how you can pray for her, listen to her, and speak up for her today:

PRAY FOR HER: Lord, I pray for Noelle, and the thousands of girls like her, who are fighting for justice against their oppressors. Lord, let them not be hardened by the fight but filled with the mighty power and love of you, Father.

LISTEN TO HER: Take a moment, if you haven’t already, to watch Noelle’s story. What in her story made you feel the most hope? Sit with that for a moment. How can you be a bringer of that hope to someone in your life right now?

SPEAK UP FOR HER: Know someone who needs to hear the message that God is a God of JUSTICE? Share Share this devotional today!

Your Sister,

*name changed to protect privacy

CeCe Winans is a singer, songwriter, mother, pastor and advocate for women and girls around the world.