Day 1
for her devotional series
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
– John 16:33, NIV

Today we are starting a journey together. I believe you came here because you want to learn how to use your platform to advocate for and minister to vulnerable girls. Perhaps you want to understand God’s calling to rescue these precious girls from unspeakable things. Maybe you want to pray with more clarity. Or, possibly, you find yourself stirred to anger by injustice and you don’t know what to do with that.

I want to invite you, today, to prepare your heart for the week ahead. Would you begin by thinking back to when you were young? Look back at your younger self and reconnect with those feelings. Of not knowing who you were. Of wanting to be loved. Of how vulnerable you felt.

What made you feel vulnerable? And who protected you?

This week, we will hear the stories of girls who have experienced unspeakable things. But we can’t be afraid to uncover those things and hold them to the light. Together, this week, we will seek to reveal, expose and remove. This is not a scary movie where we can cover our eyes until the monster is gone. We have to expose the monster.

Even though we can’t rewrite the story for girls who have undergone horrific things, we can build something together to prevent other girls from going through them. We are equipped to unveil the trouble and still have peace. No matter how horrific, sad or disturbing it is, remember that God has already overcome it. That’s the only hope you have. His love can cover it all.

This week we must be willing to get our hands dirty. We can’t do this work from a distance. Jesus didn’t love us from a distance, and neither can we, sweet sisters.

Here's how you can pray for her, listen to her, and speak up for her today:

PRAY FOR HER: Thank you, Father, for the people in my life who got their hands dirty for me. Reveal to me those in my circle of friends and family whom you are calling me to get my hands dirty for today.

LISTEN TO HER: Today, focus on preparing your heart. Think about what your hopes are for the week and consider jotting them down to reflect on. We also invite you to read this blog about inspirational girls from around the world – let your heart soak in the hope and the hardship in each story.

SPEAK UP FOR HER: Know someone who needs to hear the message that God is a God of LOVE? Share this devotional today!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Your Sister,

CeCe Winans is a singer, songwriter, mother, pastor and advocate for women and girls around the world.