Will you join us for Lent this year?

Help Girls in Poverty with Candace Cameron Bure

Poverty tells girls that they are weak, unworthy, without value - but you can tell them otherwise. This Lenten season, we’re using our social media platforms to speak against these lies and to free girls from poverty by finding them new, loving sponsors.

Today you have a chance to stand up. To speak up. To fight. To advocate. For billions of girls living in poverty - for her.

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Here's How This Journey Works

Finding sponsors for three girls might sound a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! The process is actually quite simple. Here’s what it will look like...

  1. Set up and customize your digital advocacy page.
  2. Get a FREE Advocacy Kit. It will contain a T-shirt, stickers, Advocacy Guide, and child sponsorship cards for each girl assigned to you.
  3. Receive daily inspiration. Sign up to get daily text messages from me throughout Lent. And follow Compassion’s Instagram account for daily content about the specific vulnerabilities of girls living in poverty.
  4. Once Lent begins, start advocating! Post photos and stories on social media. Talk to your friends about sponsorship. Bring the child cards to your Bible study.
  5. On Easter, celebrate! Thanks to you, more girls will be released from poverty in Jesus’ name!

Join me in speaking up for girls living in poverty this Lenten season.

Hi! My name is Candace Cameron Bure. I’m an actress, mother, Christ follower and advocate for girls in poverty who are facing vulnerabilities, oppression and injustice.

Most people associate giving up something for Lent with fasting. But that's not exactly what I'm asking you to do. Instead, would you consider "giving up" your social media platforms and using them to help release girls from poverty?

A powerful way to release girls from poverty is through sponsorship. When a girl receives a Compassion sponsor, she is encouraged in her education, empowered toward her future and covered with an extra layer of protection. Sponsorship gives her a voice.

As an advocate, we'll give you three vulnerable girls whom you can help match with sponsors. When you sign up, you’ll be given three sponsorship cards and a digital advocacy page to promote. And once you’re all set up, you can start using your social media to find sponsors!

Will you speak up for her?

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Girls living in poverty are especially vulnerable.

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 40% of girls are married before age 18.
  • Only one in three girls in low-income countries completes lower secondary school.
  • Seventy-one percent of all human trafficking victims are women and girls.

These numbers may seem hard to wrap your head around - and that's OK, because they are.

Poverty is unjust everywhere. And to everyone who is trapped in it. But it's especially unfair to girls.

It tells girls that they don't have value. That they are unworthy - of equal education opportunities, of proper hygiene care products, of safety, of true love.

But these are lies. For every girl living in poverty, there's something better: a future. You can use your voice to help bring that truth to some of those very girls, and to other people who can help.

How much do you know about girls in poverty?

What do you know about the realities of girls living in poverty in low-income countries? Take this quiz to find out! Then share it on social media so that your friends and family can learn too.

  • To which of the following are girls living in poverty especially vulnerable?
  • What is the leading cause of death among girls ages 15-19?
  • What does FGM stand for?
  • Which of these is NOT a common reason for girls in poverty to miss school?
  • How many women around the world do not have access to a toilet during their period?
  • Which of the countries named below has the highest rate of child marriage?
  • What percentage of girls living in rural areas attend secondary school?
  • Three of every four trafficked women and girls are trafficked for what purpose?
  • A child is 50% more likely to survive past age 5 if the mother can...
  • What percentage of trafficking victims are women and girls?
  • Which of these materials is used as an alternative to a sanitary pad or tampon by women in poverty?
  • Approximately how many girls under the age of 19 give birth each year in developing regions?


Why Lent?
Traditionally, Lent is a season when believers give something up so that we can focus more fully on Christ. So, in this season of holy sacrifice, we want to give up our time and social media platforms to speak up for girls living in poverty. We want to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities girls in poverty face and give them a voice. Not only will this help us connect more intimately with Jesus’ heart for the poor, but we will also be helping to connect girls living in poverty to the heart of Jesus!

What if I can’t get all three girls sponsored?
I believe you can — and that you can start by sponsoring one of the girls yourself! But if you don’t get all three girls sponsored by the end of Lent, that’s OK! They will be automatically sent back to Compassion so that someone else can sponsor them.

What do I do when someone wants to sponsor one of the girls assigned to me?
The most important thing to do is point them to your personal sponsorship webpage! When you create a page, you’ll get to come up with a custom URL (internet address). So, make sure to link to the URL when you post on social media. The custom URL will also be printed onto the sponsorship cards you’ll receive in the mail, so make sure to give those to people who are interested in sponsoring.

Who is Candace Cameron Bure?
I’m a woman who wears many hats — actress, author, wife, mother, Christ follower, Compassion sponsor and for her advocate. You might recognize me from the popular TV series "Full House" and The Hallmark Channel.

After someone sponsors one of the girls assigned to me, what will they receive next from Compassion?
Please tell sponsors that they can expect to receive a complete Welcome Kit from Compassion. It will include information about letter writing, sending gifts and much more.