Will you learn, empathize and act for her?

Poverty doesn’t play fair when it comes to girls. They are more likely to face violence. Education discrimination. Child marriage. Sexual exploitation. And so much more.

If you’ve made it to this website, then you’re probably someone who can’t simply turn your head away and ignore the tragic realities. Instead, you want to lean in. To learn. To be challenged. To allow your heart to be moved ... all so you can join the fight for girls in poverty and create lasting change in the world.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us in a special week-long devotional series by singer, pastor and child advocate CeCe Winans. For seven days you will engage with stories of girls around the world — stories of brokenness, redemption and hope. This short journey will create space for you to learn, for your heart to break, for your faith to be stirred and for your impact to be multiplied.

Will you join us on this seven-day devotional journey?

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Join me in drawing closer to the heart of God by caring for girls in poverty.

Hi! My name is CeCe Winans. I’m a singer, songwriter, mother, pastor and advocate for women and girls around the world.

If you’re anything like me, the plight of girls living in poverty breaks your heart and you can’t just look away. God’s call in Proverbs to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves" makes your heart race. You want to learn. Be challenged. Grow. Make a difference.

That’s why I think you will love this devotional series. I’ve partnered with Compassion to create Bible-based content about an issue that is so close to my heart — and to the hearts of people like you. I truly believe that this is a powerful opportunity for us to engage with Scripture and real-life stories about the world’s most vulnerable and learn how we, as Christians, should respond.

If you’re in a place in life where you, or other important people in your life, are looking for a sense of purpose or a reminder of who you are, please join me in this journey! My prayer is that these devotionals will remind us of our identity in Christ and the purpose we find in and through him.

Will you join me on this seven-day journey?

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Here’s What You’ll Experience on This Journey

Over just seven days, these free devotionals written by CeCe Winans will create opportunities for you to ...

Learn. Every day, you’ll receive an email with a new devotional. And as you engage with each one, you will dive deeper into the harsh realties that girls around the world face. You’ll see how God deeply loves each of them, that he has a plan given in his Word and that he wants us to be part of it.

Empathize. The more you learn, the more your heart will be broken, moved and changed. The girls’ stories you’ll read will build an even stronger foundation of empathy and love for the world’s most vulnerable within you. However, they will also invite empathy into your community! When you share what you’ve learned, others who are also looking for depth and meaning will want to join you.

Act. This is a decision you will have to make. After you’ve learned and empathized, will you speak up? If the answer is yes, we’ll be happy to give you some ideas for how to make a difference.


Why focus on girls living in poverty?
Girls living in poverty are more likely to face injustices like violence, sexual exploitation, child marriage, education discrimination, lack of proper feminine hygiene care products and more. While here at Compassion we want to help release ALL children from poverty in Jesus’ name, sometimes it’s important to highlight the specific hardships that girls face. And to accept and act upon the reality that many times, girls face even more challenges — just because they’re girls. If you’re interested in learning more about girls living in poverty, check out these statistics.

What can I expect from this devotional series?
It’s quite simple, actually! You can expect a meaningful, seven-day devotional series written by CeCe Winans. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a link to the day’s devotional. At the end, you’ll decide if you want to speak up based on what you’ve learned.

Who is CeCe Winans?
CeCe Winans is the most-awarded female gospel artist of all time. She’s also a mom, a pastor, a mentor and an advocate for women and girls around the world — including girls in the Compassion program.

How can I help girls living in poverty more?
There are lots of ways to help make a difference in the lives of girls living in poverty! To learn more, click here.

What is Compassion International?
Compassion International is a Christian ministry dedicated to partnering with churches across the globe to support children trapped in the cycle of poverty. We believe that no child should live in poverty and that the best way to release children from poverty is to do it in Jesus’ name — through the local church. To learn more about this ministry, click here.